The "Black Box" bowls laser measure is made by a bowler for bowlers

- Guy Smith

The Black Box Bowls Laser (BBBL) is hand made to ensure  quality and an accurate finish.

Bowls Australia Approval Letter

BA Approval

Bowls Australia Approval Letter

"Black Box" Bowls Laser
Bowls Laser ready to take a reading
Press ON/DIST button to active bowls laser
How the bowls laser should be positioned on the target bowl

Each BBBL unit can be engraved with the owners name or club name, if required.

Aspley bowls club bowls laser
Have your own name engraved on the Bowls laser

The unit can be carried in  a pocket or attached to a belt with the included belt clasp..


bowls laser belt clip
Bowls Laser Belt clip
2 types of Bowls laser belt clasps
Bowls laser belt clasps

 Each unit consists of two compartments :– 

              *    The top section houses the measuring laser 
              *    The bottom accessories section stores  a set of calipers and a USB cord for recharging the battery.

Bowls laser accessories

The sliding lids from each compartments are used in the measuring process as displayed in the attached operating instructions.

The laser lid is used as the base measuring point

Bowls Laser Sliding Lids

The accessories lid can be used as a wedge


The accessories lid is shaped to be utilised as a bowls wedge. The calipers can also be used as a bowls wedge, if required.


Using the calipers as a wedge
Using the accessories lid as a wedge

The BBBL will record up to 4 readings . Each reading is accurate  to within 3 decimal points.

Bowls laser reading 1
Bowls Laser reading 2
Bowls laser reading 3
Press ON/DIST button to active bowls laser

All readings are taken from the target bowl back to the centre of the jack.

Bowls laser touching the target bowl
Bowls laser position for taking a reading
Bowls laser measurement from bowl to the jack

Ensure the  laser is recharged on a regular basis. A  battery charge level is display on the LED Screen.