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"Black Box" Bowls Laser

The Black Box bowls laser measure is made by a bowler for bowlers. Hand-made to ensure quality and an accurate finish.

Lawn Bowls Laser MeasureLawn Bowls Laser Measure

In the game of lawn bowls, players roll a small white ball called a jack down the green and aim to get their bowls as close to it as possible.

To determine the distance between the bowls and the jack in lawn bowls, one can use a laser measuring device. The tool measures the distance between the jack and each bowl. We measure the bowls to determine which one is closest to the jack.

You need to calibrate the laser measuring device properly in order to use it in lawn bowls. Then, you would need to aim the laser at the jack from the target bowl and measure the distance. Next, you would aim the laser at each bowl and measure the distance between the bowl and the jack. Finally, you would compare the distances to determine which bowl is closest to the jack.

Selection of Bowls Laser Colours

Selection of Bowls Laser Colours

Remember that lawn bowl competitions or events may not allow the use of laser measuring devices. So it is important to check the rules and regulations before using one. Can you confirm if Bowls Australia has approved the laser measure?

In any event, Bowls Australia has approved the use of laser-equipped “Black Box” bowls in competitions.

Bowls Australia Approval

Bowls Australia Approval Letter