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"Black Box" Bowls Laser
Bowls laser

Retail Price $99.95

The bowls laser measure made by a bowler for bowlers. 


"Black Box"

Bowls Laser


  1. * Each "Black Box" bowls laser is personally made and can be engraved with the owners/clubs name.

* The laser can be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt for easy access.  (There are two belt clasp styles to choose from.)

* The dimensions of the laser are (w) 78mm x (h) 46mm x (d) 33mm 

* Each unit retails for $99.95

* Email your order to admin@guysmith.com.au or call 0412 672 072.

* You will receive a return phone call concerning your engraving details and payment options. 

bowls laser measure
Bowls laser accessories compartment
Aspley bowls club bowls laser
How the bowls laser should be positioned on the target bowl
bowls laser belt clip
Bowls laser belt clasps
Bowls Laser Belt clip
2 types of Bowls laser belt clasps

The accessories compartment on the underside of the laser includes :- 

                                      -   a pair of calipers for the closer measures. 

                                           (The calipers can also be utilised as a wedge to secure a bowl that may move from its original resting position.)

                                      -   a USB cord for laser recharging 

The lid of the accessories compartment is shaped so it can also be utilised as a wedge.

bowls laser accessories compartment
Bowls laser accessories compartment
Bowls laser accessories compartment
Bowls laser accessories
Bowls laser accessories compartment

The bowls laser can record four measurements if required.

Bowls laser activation screen
Bowls Laser reading 1
bowls laser reading 2
bowls laser reading 3
bowls laser reading 4

How It Works

"Black Box"
Bowls Laser Measure

1 Slide back the lid covering the laser and insert the lid in the vertical grooves located at the rear end of the laser box . This will create the base plate for all measurements.


2 .The base plate should be touching the bowl to be measured in each case.


3. To measure simply press the ON/DIST button on the laser for 5 sceonds and that will activate the laser.


4. The laser will be activated when the screen is lit up.


5. Go to the first target bowl and Press ON/DIST when the red laser light is in the centre of the jack and the base plate is touching the target bowl ... that will generate the first reading.


 6. Go to the second target bowl and repeat the process ... that will generate the second reading. ... if required go to the next target bowl and repeat the process 


7. Each reading will be recorded to a maximum of 4 with the lowest recorded number being the closest bowl to the jack.

Download Operating Instructions

Bowls laser measurement from bowl to the jack
How the bowls laser should be positioned on the target bowl
Bowls laser touching the target bowl
Press On/Dist button to activate or take a reading



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Bowls laser accessories compartment



USB charging cord
A pair of measuring calipers