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Bowls Laser Operating Instructions

Download – “Bowls Laser Operating Instructions PDF”

Bowls Laser Lid1. Slide out the top lid cover of the laser and insert it into the vertical grooves located at the back of the box.  (Line up the rectangle symbol on the lid with the rectangle symbol on the back of the box)

– The perpendicular structure then becomes the base for all laser readings.

Bowls Laser Operating Instructions2. Depress the ON/DIST button for 5 seconds to activate the laser (The LED screen will light up)



3. Rest the perpendicular structure against the target bowl and aim the laser at the jack’s centre.

4. Press the ON/DIST button once and the red laser beam will be activated.

5. To get a reading aim the beam at the centre of the jack and then press the ON/DIST button, ensuring the perpendicular structure is touching the target bowl.

6. Repeat instructions 3,4 and 5 for each bowl to be measured

7. The laser will record up to 4 readings while the unit is activated.

8. The lowest number reading will be the closest bowl to the jack.